Black Garlic starts off as regular white garlic. The garlic is placed in a closed container, sometimes even a rice cooker, and then heated to fluctuating temperatures between 50⁰ and 75⁰C (120⁰ and 170⁰F). It can remain at these temperatures anywhere from 12 to over 100 days. Black Garlic is commonly referred to as being fermented, in fact, it’s a process called the Maillard reaction. The Maillard reaction is essentially the processes of browning your foods, like a sear on your steak. The process of black garlic slows this process down over a number of days. This completely changes the flavor, texture, smell, and even increases the health benefits of the garlic.

Why should you EAT BLACK GARLIC?

It’s Delicious!

The Maillard reaction causes the garlic to take on a whole new range of flavors, smell and texture. The once hard, pungent, and overpowering spiciness of white garlic is transformed into something completely new. Black garlic has a soft and spreadable texture, a sweet aroma, and a combination of familiar flavors like umami, sweet molasses, a hint of balsamic, tamarind, and it’s even a little fruity like dates. This combination makes it a special ingredient comparable to no other. The versatility of black garlic makes it a really fun ingredient to try in lots of different types of recipes including Asian dishes, Italian recipes, burgers, salt/spice infusions, BBQ sauces, marinades, rubs, salad dressings, and even desserts! Black Garlic cloves are mild and sweet enough to just eat the cloves right out of the bulbs without worrying about that intense garlic breath.  It’s one of our favorite ways to eat it!

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It’s Good for You!

Black Garlic has some amazing health benefits. It has a higher level of allicin, which is great for helping to reduce inflammation. The levels of antioxidants can be double the amount found in regular garlic. Black Garlic is also great for blood circulation, stimulating white blood cell activity (which is helpful in counteracting colds and fungal infections), steadying blood sugar levels, and it’s also good for your cholesterol levels. These health benefits are already present in regular garlic but, due to the Maillard reaction, the levels of these compounds are raised immensely. 


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